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Overnight Surf Camp and Surf Trips Policies  

It is advisable to make your reservations as early as possible for international surf trips, it is best to allow yourself a cut off date of 60 days prior to your booked surf trip date. Flights to Brazil and Costa Rica and Hawaii can fill up fast, and you must need a valid passport and visa to travel to Brazil and Costa Rica.  Upon initial sign up and inquiry a pre-reservation is made and held for 3 days. Your reservation is secure once we have received your deposit or payment in full. Prices do not include air-fares and we strongly advise you to check availability prior to purchasing your airline ticket.

DEPOSITS & PAYMENTS: After your initial sign up and inquiry for availability a $300 non refundable deposit for International surf trip secures your place. The remaining balance is due within 10 days after payment of your deposit. Please refer to our cancellation policy for any changes or cancellations. After payment has been received you will be notified by e-mail and confirmed by e-mail.

TRAVEL AND FLIGHT POLICIES: Overnight surf camp is not responsible for missed transportation that is provided for you for any reason including flight delays, earlier or later departure, etc... ground transportation via shuttle or taxi will be at your own expense.

CANCELATION POLICY: We do not offer cash or credit card refunds. If you arrive late or need to leave an International surf trip early, there is no partial refund. If you cancel your reservation all together, you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee from payments received and the remaining balance will be applied to another experience within one year of the start of your cancellation.

Exceptions to our policy cannot be made for any reason whatsoever, including personal injuries, political upheaval, natural disasters, emergencies or weather. Overnight surf camp may also cancel a surf trip if there are not enough participants for the surf trip. Participants that have a booking may opt for an individual surf trip package if there are not enough participants attending the surf trip. If Overnight surf camp must cancel an international surf trip, all payments received will be refunded in full.

Overnight surf camp also has the right to dismiss any participants for any misconduct or bad behavior that is not considered appropriate towards other participants or may be a risk to our team members or other participants or hotel guests. Overnight surf camp and its representatives is not held responsible for any incurred costs for early dismissal nor will the participant be granted any refunds.

Overnight surf camp is not held responsible for expenses in preparation for any canceled trips due to an international surf trip being canceled, such as airline ticket, flight cancellation, car rental, loss of work, travel delays, etc. All international surf trip participants must provide a signed "Release of Liability and Assumption of All Risks"and registration form upon sign up. This form is available online or can be e-mailed or faxed to you.


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